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Values and principles

Working together in partnership is both a challenge and an opportunity. Shared values facilitate achievement of our shared vision and goals. The challenge of partnership is to work cooperatively towards a common goal, without renouncing our independence and individual mandates and priorities.
Urgency. We share a commitment to urgent action to address critical bottlenecks supported by an increase in investment in SLM.
Equity. We share a commitment to reducing the social and economic inequities associated with life in drought prone areas and will strive to ensure equity of voice and representation.
Shared responsibility. Sustainable Land Management is a global public good and the shared responsibility of all members of the global community. All partners and Parties to the Convention have a responsibility to make efficient, effective and equitable use of the resources available to them, and are individually accountable for their actions.

Inclusiveness. We welcome all those who share the vision, mission and values of a partnership for sustainable land management - individuals and organizations, public and private, rich and poor.
Consensus. Recognizing the diversity of mandates and priorities of each individual partner and Party, we function through a process of consensus and will act in a coordinated manner based on the comparative strengths of individual partners.
Sustainability. We share a commitment to effective and sustained action, and emphasize strengthening national/local capacity.
Dynamism. The global DLDD crisis continually provides new challenges. A partnership for SLM must be dynamic and evolving, seeking to develop innovative opportunities that facilitate effective and concerted action.

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