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Parliaments in action

"We propose the creation - under the auspices of the Inter-Parliamentary Union - of a Parliamentary Network on the UNCCD (PNoUNCCD), a network of information, interaction and influence aimed at increasing parliamentary involvement and efficiency in the fields of combating desertification, soil erosion and land degradation"

 "We endorse a parliamentary action plan and we recognize the unique role of parliamentarians in scrutinizing, monitoring and holding national governments to account in respect of the implementation of international agreements and we shall work to put in place:

  • New regulatory and administrative foundations to make the integrated approach to sustainable development permeate every act of government.
  • National strategies for sustainable development that include a measure of decentralization of public and private institutions for appropriate local decisions in order to provide a coherent policy framework and measurable targets."
  • (Excerpt from the declaration adopted by members of Parliament, Havana 2003)

Starting with the second session of the Conference of the Parties (COP-2, 1998) of the UNCCD, the Parliamentarian Round Tables have become a platform for an exchange of views and interaction between parliamentarians on sustainable development and more specifically, desertification. The involvement of members of parliament in the implementation of the UNCCD is essential, considering the broad scope of political decisions and regulations that are needed to successfully address desertification/land degradation and drought. Parliamentarians must ensure the elaboration and adoption of pertinent legislation that enables the effective implementation of sustainable development measures.

The Round Tables are organised by the UNCCD secretariat with the support of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the host country of each session. As the umbrella organisation for parliaments around the world, the IPU plays a crucial role in alerting and mobilizing parliamentarians on matters of global relevance, such as desertification/land degradation and drought.

Since 1998, a parliamentary dimension has been added to the UNCCD process and the Round Tables have become a continuous addition to the COP sessions. Declarations adopted by the members of parliament after each Round Table are integrated into the final report of the COP and thus become part of the framework of global commitment to implement the UNCCD. Members of parliament commit themselves to take corresponding measures in the national policy and legislative context.




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