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Accredited CSOs

Accredited NGOs


Following decision 5/COP.10, civil society organizations accredited to the Conference of the Parties were requested to submit to the secretariat by 30 March 2012 and every five years thereafter:
(i) a written confirmation of their interest in remaining accredited to the Conference of the Parties;
(ii) a declaration that no changes have occurred in their status, juridical personality, governing bodies, membership and other requirements that may preclude their rights to be admitted to UNCCD meetings with observer status; and
(iii) any other information relevant to the accreditation, with particular regard to their activities and competence in matters relating to the Convention;
Following the procedure established in decision 5/COP.10, nearly 200 organizations expressed their strong interest in remaining accredited to the COP, participate actively in the meetings of the governing bodies of the Convention, and support the global process through local engagement. The full list of the organizations and their country of origin is available here.
According to the decision the observer status was withdrawn from those CSOs failing to comply with the above mentioned obligations. These organizations will need in the future to request their accreditation following the procedure established in the section “accreditation process



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