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United Nations & International Organizations

Numerous United Nations system organisations support the implementation of the UNCCD while carrying out their own programmes and processes. These organisations approach desertification/land degradation and drought (DLDD) from their specific viewpoints, such as improving food security, monitoring global climate, building local capacities or promoting rural investments. Often their work contributes to improved livelihoods of people living in areas affected by DLDD, and to the sustainable management of the ecosystems in these areas.  
 Recently, 18 UN entities came together in the context of the Environment Management Group geared by UNEP, with the aim to develop options for a policy framework and UN system-wide response to the challenges faced by drylands populations and ecosystems. This cooperation resulted in a report called "Global Drylands - A UN system-wide response", which presents a detailed view of how UN agencies support the UNCCD’s mandate and the ten-year Strategy. An action plan for delivering the commitments contained in the report is currently under preparation

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