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Extended Constituency Workshops

Within the framework of the Country Support Programme (CSP), the GEF is organizing Expanded Constituency Workshops (ECW). The main objective of ECWs is to provide a forum for GEF Focal Points, Conventions' Focal Points and representatives of civil society from each of the participating countries to learn about GEF strategies, policies and procedures and gain a better understanding of the GEF as the funding mechanism for the Conventions it serves.
The workshop is an opportunity for different national partners to meet with their counterparts from other countries in the region, staff from the GEF Secretariat, the GEF Agencies and other GEF partners to share lessons and experiences from the development and the implementation of GEF projects and their integration within national policy frameworks. Additionally, these workshops can encourage coordination among national officials and allow better understanding among constituency members.
These workshops are organized annually by the GEF Secretariat. The workshop covers participation cost for 6 representatives from each country: GEF Political Focal Point, GEF Operational Focal Point, three of the four national Convention Focal Points (CDB, UNCCD, UNFCCC, and Stockholm Convention), as well as one representative from civil society.
The agenda addresses the needs and requests of the invited participants and is developed by the GEF Secretariat team with the help of GEF partners and GEF focal points through tailored on-line surveys.
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