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Developing the governance and institutional arrangements of the Global Mechanism

By decision 6/COP.10, the UNCCD COP directed the governance and institutional arrangements of the Global Mechanism (GM). This guidance involved, among other issues, the following:
  •  The accountability and the legal representation of the GM would be transferred from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to the UNCCD secretariat;
  • The Executive Secretary would assume overall management responsibility, including coordinating reporting on, inter alia, accounting, performance and activities of the GM, to the COP;
  • The  Executive Secretary, in consultation with the Managing Director of the GM and with the support of senior staff, would  develop internal rules and procedures for the relationship between the secretariat and the GM;  coordinate and facilitate the joint implementation of workplans and programmes;  develop and implement a joint corporate identity with joint information and communication strategies; undertake streamlining of financial management and administration for cost efficiency; and coordinate the required reporting to the CRIC and the COP;
  • The Executive Secretary would ensure that all accounts and staff managed by the GM are under one single administrative regime administered by the UN Office at Geneva; and
  • The appointment of the Managing Director of the GM would be done through the recruitment process of the United Nations by the Executive Secretary
The Executive Secretary would delegate operational authority to the Managing Director of the GM to manage the GM programme and budget,  take action to implement the agreed workplans and programmes of the GM,  enter into agreement with donors on programmes and voluntary contributions; and employ personnel for the GM.
The COP decided to revise its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IFAD regarding the modalities and administrative operations of the GM, and assigned the Executive Secretary, under the guidance of the Bureau of COP 10,  to work on the revision and implementation of the MoU.  
The COP further requested the Executive Secretary, in consultation with the Bureau of COP 10,  to undertake a process to identify a new housing arrangement for the GM, including potential co-location with the secretariat, and to provide this information to the Bureau of COP 10 by July 2012.
In order to effectively discharge his overall management responsibility over the performance and activities of the GM, and to ensure accountability, transparency and institutional coherence in the implementation of decision 6/COP.10, the Executive Secretary  established a Senior Management Task Force (SMTF). This Task Force consists of three senior staff members of the GM and the secretariat, respectively, and it is led by the Executive Secretary. The purpose of the Task Force is to serve as an  internal consultative mechanism for advising the Executive Secretary on matters relating, but not limited, to the implementation of decision 6/COP.10. The SMTF met for the first time in February 2012, second time on 3 July 2012, and the third meeting was organised on 21 September 2012. ​​

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