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The Changwon Initiative

Changwon Initiative aims
The Changwon initiative intends to complement activities being undertaken in line with The Strategy (10-year strategic plan and framework to enhance the implementation of the Convention, 2008-2018) and in accordance with COP 10 decisions. The main components of the Changwon Initiative include: 1) enhancing the scientific process of the UNCCD, 2) mobilizing additional resources and facilitating partnership arrangements, and 3) supporting a global framework for the promotion of best practices.

An overview of the Changwon Initiative:  

Enhancing the scientific process

  • Agreement of specific target-setting
  • Refinement of impact indicators formonitoring and assessing progress in adressing DLDD
  • Setting up the provision of scientific advice focusing on DLDD​
Mobilizing additional resources and facilitating partnership arrangements
Promotion of partnership arrangements:
  • Enhanced support to NAP alignment processes
  • Preventive policies and mitigation addressing dust and sand storms
  • Synergies between national processes on SLM, climate change and biodiversity 
  • SLM initiatives through South-South and North-South cooperation
Engaging the private sector:
  • Engaging the business community in the implementation 
  • Support from international financial institutions ​​
Promotion of best practices
Knowledge sharing, awareness raising and dissemination of good practices through the Land for Life Award
One of the Land for Life winners, "Conservation Efforts for Community Development" (Uganda) in action

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