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The Bureau of the CST

Responsibilities and Tasks
Following paragraph 9 of the terms of reference of the CST, as contained in decision 15/COP.1, the Bureau of the CST is responsible for the follow-up of the work of the CST between sessions of the COP. The COP has also assigned the CST Bureau with direct responsibility for the implementation of the CST workplan, and attainment of its objectives.

Officers of the Bureau
The election of officers of the CST Bureau is ruled by decision 1/COP.1 containing the rules of procedure of the COP. The COP at its tenth session (25/COP.10) decided on a change of procedure in the election of officers, which is  outlined in document ICCD/COP(10)/24, and involves the election of the Chairperson of the CST at the end of each ordinary session of the COP. 

 Bureau is composed of the Chairperson and four Vice-Chairpersons, among them a Rapporteur. The members of the Bureau are appointed with due regard to geographical representation and following the principle of rotation among the regional groups recognized by the practices of the United Nations.


Reports of CST Bureau meetings

CST Bureau meeting on 4 April 2016​

CST Bureau meeting on 13 March 2015

CST Bureau meeting on 23-24 June 2014

CST Bureau meeting on 30 April 2014

CST Bureau meeting on 4-6 February 2014

Reports of CST Bureau meetings held from 2009 until 2013 can be found on the right side of this page. Earlier reports can be found in the following documents: ICCD/COP(8)/CST/4, ICCD/COP(7)/CST/4, ICCD/COP(6)/CST/INF.1 and ICCD/COP(5)/INF.6.


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