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Twelfth session Committee on Science and Technology: presentations

The twelfth session of the CST (CST 12) was held in conjunction with COP 12, from 13 to 16 October 2015 in Ankara, Turkey.

Some of the agenda items included presentations, which you can view and/or download below.

Outcomes of the UNCCD 3rd Scientific Conference (Agenda item 2)

Monitoring progress towards a sustainable development goal on land degradation and associated target (Sub-item (i) of agenda item 3(a))

Monitoring the contribution of sustainable land use and management to climate change adaptation/mitigation and to the safeguarding of biodiversity and ecosystem services (Sub-item (ii) of agenda item 3(a))
Options for improving the Committee on Science and Technology inputs to decision-making, including through synergies with other relevant scientific conferences (Sub-item (b) of agenda item 3)

Work programme of the Science-Policy Interface for the biennium 2016–2017 (Sub-item (a) of agenda item 5)

Scientific Knowledge Brokering Portal and promoting the analysis and dissemination of best practices (Sub-item (b) of agenda item 5)




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