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12 October 2011

Prior to the adoption of the Agenda, it was mentioned that Mr. Peter Molnar from Hungary is nominated as rapporteur of COP10.
I.       Adoption of the Agenda: the Agenda was adopted as submitted.
One Bureau member requested that a short summary of the meeting of the CST, CRIC and COW Chairs be shared with the Bureau members.
II.    Information regarding the work progress in the contact groups was shared.
-          Some Bureau members considered it difficult for delegates to participate in all contact groups due to the fact that four contact groups are running at the same time. Others considered it important to maintain the number of contact groups so as to enable a smooth consideration and finalization of the draft decisions.  The President recommended in the end to pursue negotiations with the existing contact groups for the time being.
III. Report on progress made in the subsidiary bodies:
A.    Committee on Science and Technology (CST):
The CST chair reported that the CST contact group has started work on draft decisions. He informed that progress is being made.
The Committee has identified Nicholas Hanley from the European Union as rapporteur.
B.     Committee for the Review of the Implementation (CRIC):
CRIC Chair reported that work is on schedule. However the group waits for inputs on one topic from the CST contact group.

IV. Status of consultations in the COW contact groups

The COW Chair reported as follows:
-          Evaluation of the Global Mechanism: The Group has started work and the team of consultants to the COP Bureau report was invited to brief the group on their findings.
-          Program Budget: the general discussion has enabled the various regions and interested groups to share views on their reading of the program budget.
V. Information on the organization of the High level segment
- Information was provided regarding the panel composition for the Ministerial Roundtables sessions.
- The Presidency has informed on the rationale and objectives of the “Changwon initiative.” Comments were made by several Bureau members. Many have expressed support to the initiative. Some made suggestions or sought clarifications on some passages in the text of the “Changwon initiative.” The Presidency informed that consultations are ongoing between the Republic of Korea and the regional and interest groups on this subject.
VI. Other Business
- Upon the request of the Bureau, the various documentation circulated will also be sent through electronic means.

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