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13 October 2011

I. Adoption of the Agenda: the Agenda was adopted as submitted.
II. Report on progress made in the subsidiary bodies:
A. Committee on Science and Technology (CST):
The CST chair reported that three decisions from the contact group was adopted and communicated to CRIC.
B. Committee for the Review of the Implementation (CRIC):
CRIC Chair reported that work is on schedule and that the items on the agenda were completed. There was however a lengthy discussion with many interventions on two items; ICCD/CRIC(10)/23 and ICCD/CRIC (10)/24.
A draft decision was adopted following input from CST.
One Bureau member was raising the possibility of starting the contract group meetings earlier to avoid time constraint. It was decided that the time available for achieving an agreement is sufficient.
III. Status of consultations in the COW contact groups
The COW Chair reported as follows:
- Evaluation of the Global Mechanism: The Group has made some progress and are expecting some input to provide tomorrow.
- A preliminary draft will be issued on work already done.
- The Bureau discussed the possibility of working during the weekend given that it will be more difficult for many national focal points to be available for the contact groups once the High level segment has started.
- Several Bureau members asked to receive a draft initiative for the “Changwon initiative”. The Secretariat highlighted that the document provided is a concept note and draft for formal discussion. It was further highlighted that all three pillars of the “Changwon initiative” are built on previous COP decisions. The Secretariat however stated that the addressed elements of the “Changwon initiative” will be updated. Some Bureau members raised concern that focus on the form of the “Changwon initiative” remove focus from the benefits to be achieved from the initiative.
IV. Other Business
- Several Bureau members raised concern that they had not received any documentation electronically. The Secretariat confirmed that the documentation had been sent and that efforts will be ensure that all Bureau members receive the documentation electronically.

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