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14 October 2011

I. Adoption of the Agenda: the Agenda was adopted as submitted.
II. Report on progress made in the subsidiary bodies:
A. Committee on Science and Technology (CST):
CST Chair reported on decisions taken by the plenary regarding the set of decisions coming from the CST. There were all adopted and therefore there is no pending matters at the level of CST October.
B. Committee for the Review of the Implementation (CRIC):
CRIC Chair reported that work is progressing as scheduled.
III. Status of consultations in the COW contact groups
The COW Chair reported as follows:
- One session of COW was adjourned today due to the decisions taken in plenary with regard to CST.
- The facilitator of the contact group on the Global Mechanism is optimistic to be able to present some significant success impact by Wednesday this week. It was agreed that the contact group shall meet briefly during the weekend.
- The contact group on the Budget is having informal consultations and the facilitator has indicated that a meeting will take place on Sunday 16 October following input from CRIC.
- Given that the CST negotiations are finalized, the COP Bureau is informed by the plenary that a new contact group will be established to deal with several of the remaining issues,
-  a facilitator for this new contact group will be announced on Monday 17 October. Some Bureau members raised concern that it may be difficult for some members to attend the meetings due to the arrival of their ministers. Others welcomed the establishment of a new contact group and highlighted that it is needed.
- One Bureau member raised concern over the low number of participants in the plenary session. Bureau members are invited to advise country representatives in their regions/groups to be present in the meeting room.
- The latest information with regard to the organization of the High Level Segment Roundtables were discussed. The secretariat provided clarifications as necessary.

IV. Other Business: no other business was discussed.

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