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17 October 2011

I. Adoption of the Agenda: the Agenda was adopted as submitted.
II. High Level Segment.
- Bureau members made a preliminary assessment at the end of the first day of the High Level Segment. They expressed satisfaction on the conduct of business including opening session and running of round table discussion.
- One Bureau member recommended to advise Parties to refrain from making statements and further engage in the interactive dialogue. They also considered the latest version of the “Changwon initiative” and reached agreement on the final formulation of paragraph 14 of the initiative.
III. Report on progress made in the meetings of the Committee for the Review of the Implementation (CRIC)
- CRIC Chair reported on continuing good progress on the finalization of the draft decisions, he sought however the guidance of the Bureau on the decision relating to synergy, given the slow process leading to its validation at the contact group level.
- The Bureau advised that the contact groups in general could work extended hours as we near the end of the second week.
- CRIC Chair may consider identifying a core group of negotiators to continue working on the draft decision on synergy while the rest could consider the draft decision on collaboration with GEF and the mid-term review of The Strategy
IV. Status of consultations in the COW contact groups
- The COW Chair informed that the National Focal Point from Finland has been identified as facilitator of the contact group on the outstanding matters. The group will start discussion on 18 October.
- The contact group on the Global Mechanism: The COW Chair reported about some difficulties on this matter. He is confident however that the contact group will solve those issues that slow down the dynamic of the negotiation.
- Budget: The negotiation is going fairly well. A draft decision has been developed and general statements heard. The contact group will soon engage in a more detailed consideration of the budget proposal.
V. Proposal on written submissions on items on the provisional agenda for COP and its subsidiary bodies
- The secretariat made a presentation of a paper prepared as a follow up of the recommendation made by COP9 Bureau. It was reminded that decision on this matter will require guidance from COP 10 Bureau and a final decision by Parties.
- It was decided to take up the subject at COP Bureau level on Wednesday 19 October.
- In the meanwhile, members of the Bureau are encouraged to share views with their regional groups.
VI. Other Business
- No other business was discussed.

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