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18 October 2011

I. Adoption of the Agenda: the Agenda was adopted as submitted.
II. High Level Segment.
- The secretariat reported on the proceedings of the second working day of the HLS.  Many ideas were shared during second round table session of the HLS in the context of Rio+20. 
Many participants wanted to speak and share their views during all round table sessions. Unfortunately, not all could speak despite efforts made by moderators to provide opportunity for as many speakers as possible. On the “Changwon initiative”, there was a large majority of country Parties, which expressed their support to the initiative. The Chair summary will be made available on 19 October. It was however indicated that as per established practice, such a document is not for negotiation.
III. Report on progress made in the meetings of the Committee for the Review of the Implementation (CRIC)
CRIC Chair reported that progress is being made in particular on decision 6. Out of 9 draft decisions, 6 were to be cleared by the end of 18 October. The two remaining challenges that will be the focus of the forthcoming negotiations are:
- Collaboration with GEF
- Mid-term evaluation of The Strategy
IV. Status of consultations in the COW contact groups
The COW Chair reported as follows:
- The contact group on budget has considered many of the matters and produced a list of ten proposals that will be further worked out during the evening of 18 October.
- With regard to the contact group on the Global Mechanism, the COW Chair regretted that he could not report any significant progress being made. Focus of this contact group is at the moment on the governance issue. He hopes that negotiations will move smoother once this issue is resolved.
- With regard to the contact group on outstanding matters, it was reported that they will consider further decisions during the evening of 18 October.
V. Other Business
- One bureau member raised the question if journalists should be allowed to participate in the contact group meetings. Given that the contact group meetings are closed meetings, it was decided that no journalists shall be attending the meetings.
- The opportunity of providing written submissions on all agenda items before the start of future COP sessions in order to shorten the process was discussed. The matter will be fully addressed at COP Bureau meeting on 19 October.
- Given the COW session during the evening on 19 October, it was decided that the next COP Bureau meeting will take place immediately after the adjournment of the COW session. Announcement will be made at the end of the COW session.

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