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19 October 2011

I. Adoption of the Agenda: the Agenda was adopted as submitted.
II. Report on progress made in the meetings of the Committee for the Review of the Implementation (CRIC)
- CRIC Chair reported that progress is being made in the contact group. Only one paragraph remains as far as the draft decision on synergies is concerned.
- He advised that so far, the draft decisions on the GEF and the mid-term evaluation of The Strategy need to be fully considered by the contact group.
- The Executive Secretary invited COP vice-chairs to review the document ICCD/CRIC(10)/24, which provides the full picture on the current situation of the collaboration between GEF and the secretariat. He added that the builds on CRIC 9 guidance and therefore, if there is no funding from the GEF, there will be no financial support for the next reporting cycle.
III. Status of consultations in the COW contact groups
The COW Chair reported as follows:
- The contact group on budget has made good progress. However, it is awaiting outcomes on the GM contact group so as to get a full picture on the overall budgetary requirements.
- The contact group on the GM has also reached an advanced stage in the negotiations. There seems to be however difficulties on the issue of the relocation of the GM to the headquarters in Bonn.
- Regarding the contact group on outstanding matters, it was reported that good progress is being made on issues submitted to their consideration.
- Mr. José Ramón Cueva from Argentina has been identified as co-facilitator for the contact group on outstanding matters.
IV. Credentials
- The secretariat reported on credentials received as at 19 October. The report has been approved by the Bureau for submission to the Plenary. Countries which have not yet submitted their credentials are encouraged to do so shortly.
V. Proposal on written submissions on items on the provisional agenda for COP and its subsidiary bodies
- Bureau members welcomed the idea. Given that several Bureau members had not been able to discuss the details of the proposal with their regional groups, discussion on this matter will continue during the Bureau meeting on 20 October.
VI. Other Business
- One Bureau member asked if the location of the next COP is yet known. The secretariat responded that no written expression of interest is received as yet.

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