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20 October 2011

I. Adoption of the Agenda: the Agenda was adopted as submitted.
II. Proposal on written submissions on items on the provisional agenda for COP and its subsidiary bodies
- Although Bureau members welcomed the idea, some Bureau members raised concern that the least developed countries will have difficult to take part of this proposal due to less resources. It was agreed that the proposal will be limited to some agenda items. The COP Bureau will advice on specific items were written submissions may be submitted. Documents shall be submitted in English and can be submitted in any form, including by fax or mail.
III. Other Business
- Bureau members discussed the possibility of producing a declaration where the outcome of the second Round Table of the High level segment and the “Changwon initiative” could be submitted for the upcoming Rio+20 conference. Following diverging views from various Bureau members, it was agreed that an ad hoc meeting will take place at 10:00 on 21 October with representatives of all regional interest groups to further discuss the form and content of a declaration to be submitted by all or a number of Parties.
- It was decided that the next COP Bureau meeting will take place during the first week of February. The location will be either in the UNCCD Headquarters in Bonn, Germany or in the Republic of Korea and will be announced at a later stage.

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