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The Global Environment Facility’s Carbon Benefits Project – new tools to measure carbon & the GEF’s experience applying the tools
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
Name of contact:

Guadalupe Duron​

Side Event Date: 16/09/2013 13:00
Organization contact: GEF/STAP
Hosting organization:


Side Event Description:


At this side event, we will feature a detailed look of the tools developed by the UNEP-GEF Carbon Benefits Project (CBP).  The session will provide an in-depth view of two tools: the Simple Assessment tool and the Detailed Assessment tool. The Simple Assessment tool can be applied in defining project baselines during the design of the proposal, as well as in monitoring carbon sequestration and emissions throughout the project implementation. It is suited to projects with few resources for carbon monitoring and reporting. The Detailed Assessment could be used in calculating carbon sequestration and emissions from measurements obtained during the project implementation, or used at the onset of the project instead of the simple assessment tool. The second half of the session will profile GEF Agencies’ experiences with the carbon tools. The GEF Agencies will showcase how they are using the tools in land management projects to define quantitative baselines, and track progress on achieving carbon sequestration – a global environmental outcome identified in land management projects.
Our side event aims to contribute to the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 11) and its efforts to address “The Mid-term evaluation of the 10-year strategic plan and framework to enhance the implementation of the Convention (2008–2018)”; and, “Advice on how best to measure progress on strategic objectives 1, 2 and 3 of The Strategy”.  We will contribute to implementing UNCCD’s Strategic Objective 3 by demonstrating a carbon methodology supported, and used, by the GEF in monitoring and reporting on carbon sequestration – a global benefit achieved through sustainable land management. Coherence between the UNCCD’s Strategic Objective 3 and the GEF land degradation focal area can lead to a common approach on monitoring and reporting of global environmental outcomes between these entities. 


Coorganizations contact: GEF/STAP
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Email address:
Attachment: /COP Side Event Documents/Eleanor - UNCCD Namibia CBP_Side event 1.pdf

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