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Implementing UNCCD objectives - experiences from research
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
Name of contact:

Petra Wolff

Side Event Date: 16/09/2013 13:00
Organization contact: Desertnet International
Hosting organization:

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Side Event Description:


In the context of the programme "Sustainable Land Management" funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) international scientific projects are implemented in a wide range of regions of the world. The programme has the intention to provide scientific support to resource users and policy makers in their search for sustainable land management solutions. The projects are implemented in close cooperation between German scientists, scientists of the respective partner countries and regional and local governing bodies and stakeholder organizations. The overarching goal of all projects is to contribute to the prevention of land degradation taking into account the increasing pressure on land resources as a consequence of future climatic changes. For further information please consult the programme website:
In this side event selected projects of the "Sustainable Land Management" programme relate their scientific results to several operational objectives of the UNCCD Strategy, in particular to the assessment of drivers of degradation (objective 2.1), the science-oriented issues under objective 3 (e.g. data mapping, monitoring, decision support system) and the identification of innovative sources of financing (objective 5.4). The synopsis of the three projects will show how scientific research can foster the implementation of UNCCD objectives under the specific conditions in each project region and how results can be transferred to other regions with similar biophysical and socio-economic conditions.
In a moderated podium discussion the projects will give insights into their methodological approaches and UNCCD related results of
• oasis management in the extremely dry Tarim region in northwestern China (project SuMaRiO,,
• the highly seasonal Okavango catchment in Angola, Namibia and Botswana (project The Future Okavango,,
• sustainable management approaches on the Mahafaly Plateau in southwestern Madagascar (SuLaMa,
The side event will encourage discussions how science can and should best support the prevention of land degradation.


Coorganizations: Desertnet International
Coorganizations contact: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Email address:
Email address:
Attachment: /COP Side Event Documents/Implementation UNCCD objctives 10 september 2013 [Compatibility Mode].pdf

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