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Combating Desertification and Green Economy —China’s innovation & progress on public and private partnership
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
Name of contact:

QU Haihua (Mr.)​

Side Event Date: 26/09/2013 13:00
Organization contact: National Bureau to Combat Desertification, State Forestry Administration, China
Hosting organization:

National Bureau to Combat Desertification, State Forestry Administration, China​

Side Event Description:


Effective Public and private partnership is crucial to address sustainable land management in purpose of combating desertification and economy resilience in dryland. This side event is mainly focus on China’s efforts and progress in developing such partnership and those best practices undertaken by leading Chinese enterprises, which represent impressive achievement in terms of technical innovation and competent management to promote sustainable use of resources and scale up investments in restoring/regenerating desertified land.
Objectives of this side event include:
- Introducing the national strategies to combat desertification and achieve green economy, especially guidance policies to create and sustain public and private partnership;
- Showing case diversified best practices adopted by leading companies to integrate economic growth with restoration approach to eco-system and improvement of local livelihood;
- Demonstrating technical application which provides feasible solution for enhancing productivity and creating economic opportunities;
- Experience & relevant information exchange through Q & A and free discussion
Being the largest developing country in the world, China’s prospect and action on encouraging green growth is very much related to the process of global sustainable development. In this side event, we wish to share the experience and good practices of enhancing public-private cooperation in combating desertification and more significantly, give the lens for checking the role of private enterprises in their sustainable business operation. To explore the potential of these innovative approaches and technologies as appropriate could facilitate the scaling up and dissemination, which is necessary to counterbalance the continued losses in the world in terms of awareness and concerted action, also will help to arouse relevant impetus in the environment of COP, especially provoke upheaval to echo Round Table II & III during the period of the High –Level Segment.


Coorganizations contact: National Bureau to Combat Desertification, State Forestry Administration, China
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Email address:

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