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Planting trees by playing online games: How JohnnyAppl fights desertification
Side Event or Special Event : Special Event
Name of contact:

Anton Doos (Jr.)​

Side Event Date: 18/09/2013 08:00
Organization contact: JohnnyAppl
Hosting organization:

JohnnyAppl ​

Side Event Description:


Thematic Focus
JohnnyAppl is a new way to fundraise, reforest the planet, and combat desertification - by playing games online. The JohnnyAppl browser game channels ad revenue to reforestation projects in Ethiopia and Madagascar, two regions that struggle with drought and desertification. We’ll demonstrate how to raise funds and awareness through high-volume “micro-donations,” an aggressive social media strategy, and a focus on transparency, verifiability, and community engagement. We’ll also have a special UNCCD themed game available to play, so you can plant trees with us in real-time.
Fundraising is a browser-based educational trivia game engine. When a player answers correctly, JohnnyAppl routes advertisement revenue directly to the Eden Reforestation Projects. This model requires no cash contributions from the target audience - all funding is 100% derived from per-impression ad revenue. With just several thousand play sessions per month, JohnnyAppl is capable of raising the funds to plant one million trees in one year.
Spreading Awareness
JohnnyAppl builds awareness of deforestation and desertification in online communities. It was built from the ground up to accommodate broad, comprehensive social media engagement. Our long-term strategy for spreading awareness is to consistently engage new groups of potential donors by creating new niche-specific trivia games.
Capacity Building


Governments and NGOs wishing to realize their reforestation plan targets are burdened by the cost of fundraising. JohnnyAppl enables governments or NGOs of any size to add their reforestation projects to the site, thereby raising awareness and building capacity for free. Players from all over the world can then donate their time to the cause - rather than their money - which is converted directly into funding for reforestation projects.


1. Grow our list of eligible reforestation projects by raising awareness and networking.
2. Initiate dialogue with those responsible for our current planting sites in Madagascar and Ethiopia, and possible future target regions.
3. Strengthen our relationship with the UNCCD and our commitment to fighting desertification.


Coorganizations contact: JohnnyAppl
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Email address:
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