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Building resilient landscapes in drylands: opportunities and tools for forest restoration and sustainable management
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
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Side Event Date: 25/09/2013 13:00
Organization contact: Food and Agriculture Organization
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UNCCD Secretariat


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Forests play crucial ecological, social and economic roles in drylands, key for building resilience of landscapes and livelihoods. Nevertheless, in many regions they are at risk of degradation and desertification. Worldwide, millions of hectares of dryland forest landscapes need to be restored and sustainably managed to help tackle global issues such as land degradation and desertification, poverty, climate change and food insecurity and thus contributing to a land-degradation neutral world. Best practices and successes are being implemented in some areas, but will need to be up-scaled to fight this battle. FAO and UNCCD Secretariat are joining forces to organize a high level side event to showcase through some examples, how FAO, UNCCD Institutions with their partners are working towards the development of tools and mechanisms that would enable up-scaling of such best practices and contribute to the UNCCD community efforts towards a land-degradation neutral world.

Coorganizations: Food and Agriculture Organization
Coorganizations contact: UNCCD Secretariat
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Email address: 

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