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Sustainable management of land and water: Between successful experiences and generalization perspectives
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
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Side Event Date: 26/09/2013 08:00
Organization contact: Sahara and Sahel Observatory
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Sahara and Sahel Observatory​

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As a response to the expectations of its member countries and organizations, and thanks to its technical and financial partners, the Sahara and Sahel Observatory implements its projects to enhance the politics and strategies of sustainable land management in the circum Sahara region. A number of these projects, designed on the base of an updated analysis of contexts and needs, are in their first steps of planning or starting up.
The objective of the side event is to further deepen the reflection on the way to adapt the projected approaches, activities, and products for a better consideration of the achievements on the one hand and of the biophysical, socio-economic, and institutional context on the other hand.
The side event aims specifically to present OSS projects and programs pertaining to sustainable land management and the evaluation of their relevancy to actual and potential challenges. It also aims to contribute to the identification of the prerequisites and conditions to ameliorate the efficiency of the activities conducted and tools elaborated by OSS and its partners in sustainable development and land management, and their real valorization by the financial beneficiaries. Besides, the side event equally aims to look for potential partners and collaborators to the regional and sub-regional initiatives and projects planned in Strategy 2020 of OSS
The debates, launched by the panelists during the side event, will focus on the key questions relative to the concretization of the means to combat land degradation. This could be achieved by studying the conditions and prerequisites for the replication of successful experiments, the assessment of the registered impacts, and the mobilization of decision-makers mainly through advocacy and awareness-raising​

Coorganizations contact: Sahara and Sahel Observatory
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