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Country Pilot Partnerships on Sustainable Land Management (CPP_SLM): vehicles for transformational change to arrest land degradation and promote sustainable development
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
Name of contact:

Helen Negret​

Side Event Date: 19/09/2013 08:00
Organization contact: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Hosting organization:

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-GEF)​

Side Event Description:


The objective of the side event is to showcase how long-term partnerships, such as the CPPs supported by UNDP, together with the GEF-Sec, have enabled national governments to reduce pressures to the landscape from multiple sectors. It will highlight (i) how 3 UNDP CPP-SLMs have provided a cost effective way to build the capacities for multi-sectoral approaches to reduce the pressures to the landscape from conflicting land uses; (ii) draw lessons on how such partnerships can be optimized in the GEF 6 to further assist these and other countries to drive the transformational change needed to arrest land degradation at scale.
Competing land uses in production landscapes are increasing in rate, magnitude and spatial reach, significantly pressuring natural resources, affecting ecosystem dynamics and eroding services vital to development. Cross-sector harmonization and multi-scale integration of sustainable land use management (SLM) is needed to reduce competition between land use systems, control and prevent land degradation, and improve the livelihoods of people dependent on the use of natural resources. Conserving the ecosystem functions that underpin current day livelihoods and production sectors will also safeguard future development options in the face of changing climates.
The side event will showcase how the three CPP have been effective vehicles for this transformational change.  It will have two parts:
1. CPP-SLM as vehicles for delivering integrated sectoral approaches for SLM, reducing land degradation and providing local, national and global benefits.  Speakers would include:
• UNDP: reducing  conflicting  land uses through multi-sectoral approaches: highlighting the projects in the CPP that built the multi-sectoral approach and coordination mechanisms;
• Representatives from 3 CPP countries (Burkino Faso, Cuba and Namibia) highlighting the key elements of the CPP in their countries for multi- sectoral  approaches and the  emerging impacts on reducing land degradation and improving  ecosystems functions and livelihoods,
2. Learning from CPP to achieve transformational change. This would be a roundtable discussion on the CPPs to deliberate on lessons learnt and explore how such partnerships with countries could provide potential options for GEF-6 support. A high level representative from the GEF Sec would provide key ideas and lead questions to start the round table discussion. This would be composed of representatives from other GEF partners agencies in the CPPs ( UNEP; World Bank; IFAD); representatives of the CPP; inputs form plenary and/or   and other countries that have had successful integrated approaches,
By focusing on lessons learnt to reduce conflicting land use changes that drive land degradation the side event would provide information useful for UNCDD parties to implement the first two objectives of the UNCDD 10 year programme (improve the living conditions of affected populations; improve the condition of affected ecosystems) and particularly Expected impacts I 1.1 and EI 2.1 respectively.  By promoting the discussion of how these provide options in GEF 6 for supporting governments to achieve transformational changes, the side event would contribute SO4 - mobilize resources to support implementation of the Convention through building effective partnerships between national and international actors. This would increase the transformation changes required for attaining the Rio+20 goal Land-degradation neutral world which is a prerequisite for assuring water, food and energy security, alleviating poverty and mitigating climate change. The side event would thus contribute to a number of COP sessions and provide inputs to the two round table discussions programmed as part of the plenary on Monday 23rd. It would also be highly complementary to, and provide inputs for, a special high-level evening event that the Government of Namibia has proposed to discuss in more depth the country’s CPP experience in enhancing a conducive operational environment for achieving optimal integrated sustainable land management. Close coordination will be maintained during the further detailing of the two events to as to maximize synergies.


Coorganizations contact: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-GEF)
Email address:
Email address:
Attachment: /COP Side Event Documents/4 CPP COP 11 Presentation New [Compatibility Mode].pdf

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