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IDMP- Integrated Approach to Drought Management in support of a land degradation neutral world
Side Event or Special Event : Special Event
Name of contact:

Robert Stefanski​

Side Event Date: 25/09/2013 13:00
Organization contact: World Meteorological Organization
Hosting organization:

World Meteorological Organization​

Side Event Description:

Integrated Drought Management (IDM) is a critical component of disaster risk reduction programmes, climate adaptation strategies including land management and national water resources policies, bringing together the needs of the different stakeholders affected by droughts. In order to address  drought issues in a more effective and coordinated way, WMO and Global Water Partnership (GWP) have launched the Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP) together with partners as the UNCCD. The IDMP aims to provide preventive and demand-driven support mechanisms for the communities, countries and regions affected by drought with especial attention to those affected by desertification. ​

Coorganizations contact: World Meteorological Organization
Email address:
Email address:

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