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Effective SLM through knowledge management, decision support and advocacy Linking efforts between CSO network Drynet and SLM network WOCAT
Side Event or Special Event : Special Event
Name of contact:

Isabelle Providoli​

Side Event Date: 19/09/2013 13:00
Organization contact: DRYNET/ EMG
Hosting organization:


Side Event Description:


Effective SLM in drylands can only be achieved if local organisations and communities living in drylands are at the centre of Sustainable Land Management (SLM) efforts. DRYNET and WOCAT are both international networks which put this mandate forward by enabling local stakeholders to participate meaningfully in resource management processes.
DRYNET ( is a network of 15 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and was established to increase the involvement of local organisations and communities in designing and implementing SLM in drylands. DRYNET connects local experiences with the national and international level so that best SLM practices from the field are connected with policy makers.
The World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT, is a global network dedicated to sustainable land management (SLM). WOCAT’s goal is to address land degradation and desertification through SLM technologies – combined with the approaches that ensure better implementation. WOCAT has developed standardised Knowledge Management (KM) and Decision Support (DS) methods and tools for upscaling SLM.
Objective of event:
The event will be a learn/workshop on building effective partnerships between various stakeholders such as researchers, civil society groups and policy makers in order to support policies for sustainable development and livelihoods of dryland communities. The idea is to set up a learn/workshop about a simulation of SLM good practices and policy making. The WOCAT SLM best practices knowledge base for decision support and DRYNET cases are used as an entry point. The event will consists of sharing experiences, training on the WOCAT knowledge base, followed by a role play.
Potential contribution to UNCCD:
• The UNCCD urgently needs better mechanisms for integrating and exchanging knowledge between researchers, civil society groups and policy makers. Furthermore, knowledge needs to be sided by the necessary capacities of stakeholders to be able to use it for improved UNCCD implementation. DRYNET and WOCAT have a supportive framework in place in numerous dryland countries that links both scientific and local knowledge on SLM, and additionally facilitates the integration of such knowledge with SLM policy processes at local and national level.
• This event will showcase practical demonstration of participation of local communities and of the interface between science and practical action for sustainable land management in the drylands.


Coorganizations: DRYNET/ EMG
Coorganizations contact: WOCAT / CDE
Email address:
Email address:
Attachment: /COP Side Event Documents/1 Mariya Genina PPT_Chon Aksu_problem description.pdf

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