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Agro-ecology: from the recognition of an alternative to fight against desertification to the strategizing of implementation
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
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Derkimba Adeline​

Side Event Date: 20/09/2013 18:00
Organization contact: Both ends / Drynet
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Side Event Description:


Objective: now that the relevance of agro ecology to fight against desertification has been widely accepted, the Side Event will explore how to engage political and financial support for agro-ecological initiatives within rural development. It will also explore the potential role of agro-ecology in achieving the strategy of the UNCCD.

Summary: Current results from agro-ecological projects designed to combat desertification demonstrate positive results (GTD, « Agroécologie, une transition vers des modes de vie et de développement viables. Paroles d’acteurs. » ; CSFD, thematic pin n°4 ; IAASTD, Agriculture at a crossroad). Some of those results have been presented to the CST in Bonn (April 2013) in the session: “Agroecology as a powerful tool for the development of drylands?” The presentation was made in a plenary session and generated a great deal of interest from the conference audience (including representatives of Parties).
Now that agro ecology is recognised as a pertinent tool to fight against desertification, the ReSaD, Drynet and others partners want to share some questions:
- What kinds of support are available from governments, donors, investors and/or funds, or international institutions for the agro-ecological approach to agriculture and livestock farming?
- Do the UNCCD mechanisms support agro-ecological initiatives?
- How can the UNCCD help to promote agro-ecological projects?
- What could be the relevant scale of our intervention to influence: governments on the National Action Plans elaboration, donors to promote funding for such alternatives, private sector to increase investments?
After a brief synthesis on agro ecological results, we propose a round table with representatives of civil society, states, and UNCCD, donors, investors and scientists. We shall discuss about the presence of agro ecology in development programs at several scales and on the role of the UNCCD in the distribution of this powerful tool to fight against desertification.


Coorganizations: Both ends / Drynet
Coorganizations contact: CARI / ReSaD
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Email address:

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