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Sustainable Land Management pays off- ELD Initiative first results for decision makers
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
Name of contact:

Mark Schauer

Side Event Date: 24/09/2013 18:00
Organization contact: ELD Secretariat
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Side Event Description:

The ELD Initiative is a global awareness study focused on raising political and public awareness of the impacts and importance of land degradation and land-based ecosystems from an economic perspective.

At this side event, ELD initiative will present the first interim report. The ELD initiative aims to prepare and present a cost-benefit analysis in a land degradation context, in order to enable political and business decision-makers to take the necessary measures for better rural development and food security, and promote sustainable land management. The ELD initiative also aims to systematize scientific studies of the economics of land degradation, facilitate reaching agreements on methodological standards, and provide reliable data and application-oriented tools that are urgently needed as a basis for policy-making and investment decisions.

There will also be the presentation of case studies that will provide data and practical examples which are important material for media and public awareness work. These research studies were selected based on scientific merit and ability to address identified knowledge gaps in categories of technology, environmental evaluations, policies, and the institutional and private sectors.

Coorganizations: ELD Secretariat
Coorganizations contact: GIZ
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