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Brazilian Early Warning System: an integrative view of public policies, severe drought and natural disasters early warning system to prevent desertification process
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
Name of contact:


Francisco Campello


Side Event Date: 17/09/2013 18:00
Organization contact: MMA
Hosting organization:

Brazil Environment Ministry (MMA),

Side Event Description:


The side event aims to promote a discussion, especially among Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries, on the importance of the integration of the drought early warning system with the national natural disasters systems, through the establishment of public policies to support the systems implementation and management in the long-term.
The integrative approach improves the response capability in order to deal with severe drought events and to prioritize public policies in the long-term, working in anticipation of extreme weather events. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the synergy with other systems allows the build of scenarios that enables the local and regional economic development to be planned and implemented on sustainable basis at desertification susceptible areas (ASD).
Other countries have been developing similar systems linked to strategies of risk management and early warning systems to rural communities. However, public policies formulation with long-term flexibility to incorporate and manage early warning systems is still an area which demands efforts to assure the effective management and evaluation. Moreover, the ecosystems and communities resilience to climate change must be addressed with the contribution of scientific research in a
collaborative dialogue with public policies and rural communities.
The side event will not only share the Brazilian experience but also starts a dialogue in order to establish a network linking Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries and to strength the South-South Dialogue. This proposed network focuses in optimizing the exchange of Early Warning System best practices and related public policies to support the economic development at ASD.

Coorganizations: Spatial Research National Institute of Brazil (INPE)
Coorganizations contact: Brazil Environment Ministry (MMA)
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Email address:
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