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Pilot projects in the Countries most affected by drought and desertification in Africa and the role of Traditional Knowledge in combating desertification and Poverty
Side Event or Special Event : Side Event
Name of contact:

dr.Mattei Gentili Maddalena​

Side Event Date: 27/09/2013 13:00
Organization contact: IPOGEA
Hosting organization:

Ministry of Enviroment, Territory and Sea of Italy​

Side Event Description:

Object: Contribution of the Italian traditional knowledge activities in support of UNCCD for the development of scientific knowledge and knowledge management strategy.
Contribution to the UNCCD and CST objectives: Ecosystems and population living conditions in affected areas can be considerably improved using  technologies based on traditional knowledge. Existing experiences are presented in support of the establishment of the information platform related to desertification/land degradation and drought and the identification of flexible strategies for the transfer, development, deployment and use of proven technologies and best practice. The side event will present progress made on the development of the “world bank on traditional knowledge” that will be also open to collect contributions and documentation on line. The recent achievements of traditional knowledge application in Ethiopia will be presented with a short documentary for the first time.

Coorganizations contact: Ministry of Enviroment, Territory and Sea of Italy
Email address:
Email address:

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