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United Global Sands and Soils

​Dear COP11 participants,
What could highlight human-and-earth relationship better than picturesque ground? Colours and nature of land do vary, but all are essential for the existence of one healthy earth. In an attempt to give a spotlight to the beauty of a diverse colourful world of sands and soils, the UNCCD invites you to join in its new initiative, Global Sands and Soils United .
On the occasion of 2014 World Day to Combat Desertification,  Mrs. Verena Reinmann will present her artworks at the UNCCD headquarters in Bonn, Germany. Mrs. Reinmann creates  “Colours of the World”, artistic expressions using natural sands and soils, all fixed on canvasses, without having added any other material or colour.
It would be excellent if you could add sands from your home to this project. Kindly bring about 200 g of  sands from your country (one or two samples) separately filled in small plastic bottles/bags to COP 11 in September .
The location and date of collection of each material should be clearly documented and labelled, indicating:
•    Date: 
•    Country:                                        
•    Location:
•    Organisation:
•    Name/Surname
For any questions, please send your message to 
PLEASE NOTE: Due to Namibian import regulation you are allowed to bring in "sands" but not "soils". Soils contain organic matter.

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