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CRIC Bureau Meeting, 17-18 September 2012


The CRIC Bureau meets in Bonn, from 17-18 September, in order to discuss issues relating to the review of implementation process and the next meeting of the Committee in early 2013 (CRIC 11).
More in detail, Bureau members will be briefed - among others - on the ongoing reporting process and its bottlenecks, GEF enabling activities that support reporting and the preparation made to convene CRIC 11, including regional meetings.
The CRIC Bureau will further advise on the timeframe of the current reporting exercise, how to process information on best practices on sustainable land management, on data access policies, as well as how information on Convention implementation could be made available in the public domain.
As a standing item on its agenda, the Bureau members will also discuss how CST input on impact indicators compiled by affected countries, will be made available to during CRIC following the review by the CST as part of the agenda of its third special session (CST S-3).

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