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Germany, a UN hub for sustainable development

31/10/2012 -Minister of State for German Foreign Affairs Mr. Michael Link, visited the UNCCD Executive Secretary Mr. Luc Gnacadja today, and discussed the important cooperation of Germany towards a world without land degradation. 

“As global aridity is increasing today, desertification cannot be discussed in the context of drylands alone”, said Mr. Gnacadja, pointing to the importance of land as a natural capital which is the nexus for food, energy and water security.
Mr. Link added, “avoiding land degradation is equally important as restoring land.” More public dialogue on the potential of land as a solution to today’s problems such as food and water insecurity, poverty and conflict will be needed to achieve a land-degradation neutral world.
The Government of Germany is supporting the Economics of Land Degradation, a global study initiative focusing on the economic benefits of land and land-based ecosystems.

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