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In Italy, design community considers desertification

​28/1/2013 - Drylands Ambassador for the UNCCD, Amb. Byong Hyon Kwon from Korea, traveled to Milan this month to present the work of Future Forest as part of a design exhibit at the Triennale di Milano.

The exhibit, titled “The Architecture of the World - Infrastructure, Mobility, New Landscapes” considers how fundamental forces that interact with landscapes are shifting, such as wind, energy, water or desert sands. 

The exhibit showcased practical efforts like Amb. Kwon’s that challenge these shifting forces, such as Future Forest’s goal to plant one billion trees in China’s Kubuchi Desert. The effort both reclaims degraded land and reduces yellow dust storms that extend from China to Korea. The “Great Green Wall” is already taking shape, with a 70 percent success rate in tree planting. 

Among the six speakers at the exposition, it was notable that two large-scale projects focusing on desertification were selected.
Speaking about another Great Green Wall taking being built half way around the world from Korea, Paula Agostini of the World Bank, presented the efforts of TerrAfrica in West Africa.

The architectural and photography exhibition, part of the much larger design triennial, runs through February 10, 2013.

Read more about the UNCCD Drylands Ambassadors.


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