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Call for proposals for new and existing case studies on the economics of land degradation

​The Economics of Land Degradation Initiative (ELD) is now calling for proposals for new case studies on the economics of land degradation and sustainable land management.

ELD is also calling for information on existing case studies, which will be included on the ELD website and presented at relevant events. The case studies should be linked to the benefits of sustainable land management and the costs of land degradation. The initiative aims to collect as many case study descriptions as possible by 15 March.
Proposals for new case studies should be submitted in English before 31 March and be less than 3,000 words long. Proposals for one or several countries or regions may be submitted.  Budgets should be in the range of 100,000-200,000Euro. Special consideration will be given to projects with a larger budget depending on their overall value including scale and number of partners.
The evaluation of proposals will be carried out by a team coordinated by the ELD secretariat. Funding allocation will be decided on an on-going basis.  Proposals submitted for funding of case studies should be designed to ensure results are available before the end of 2013.
Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
(a) scientific quality and "value for money"
(b) use of top-down or bottom-up approaches or innovative aspects of both
(c) use of non-market valuations as well as market valuations
(d) potential for integration of results across scales
(e) consideration of land rehabilitation, prevention of land degradation and alternative livelihoods for action
(f) capacity to involve and/or reach out to a range of audiences (scientific community, decision-makers, private sector)
(g) selected location(s) is (are) representative of its (their) specific region(s) of the world
(h) addresses one or more of the identified gaps (list in annex of this document)
(i) well-defined time plan and adequate proposed budget.  
 To submit an existing or new case study, please consult the ELD website.

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