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In powerful TED Talk, Allan Savory explains how to regreen the degraded grasslands

​18/03/2013 - Allan Savory has devoted his life to teaching people how to stop desertification in the world’s grasslands.  After speaking at a TED conference in late February, he has gained a powerful new platform for spreading the important yet overlooked message of the threats caused by desertification and climate change.

So far his message is resonating.  In less than three weeks, the online video of his 20-minute TED talk has had more than 600,000 views and nearly 900 comments. 
Through his hands-on research, Savory has discovered a surprising new factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert, which he explains in his talk.
"In this talk as you will see, I have spelled out very simply and clearly the role that desertification is playing in climate change, poverty, future water wars and violence, etc.”  Savory told the UNCCD.  “Unless we tackle desertification, climate change will continue even after we eliminate fossil fuels,” he continued.

The significant response to his talk has left Savory hopeful that more people will understand that solutions to land degradation exist, and will seek the proper tools to take action. 

Watch the talk for yourself here


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