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CRIC Bureau endorses the 4th cycle reporting approach

07/02/2014 - The Bureau of the CRIC held its first intersessional meeting in Bonn from 3-4 February, which was attended by all Vice Chairs (Jamaica, Kenya, Ukraine, Thailand, the EU).

The Bureau reviewed the work plan of the Convention as well as the many provisions from COP11 that relate to its programme. The Bureau also reviewed the activities undertaken by the secretariat and the GM with regard to reporting and best practices.

The CRIC Bureau members also met jointly with the CST Bureau, to address the many matters for which COP11 requested coherent deliberations by the two subsidiary bodies.  The Bureau also had informal exchanges with the Chair of the CSO Panel, which was also meeting in parallel.

The CRIC Bureau endorsed the approach proposed for the 2014 reporting exercise, where reporting requirements have been simplified as decided by Parties in Namibia.

The reporting timeframe has also been adopted, whereby affected and developed country Parties will have to submit their national reports by the end of June 2014. The Bureau acknowledged the work being done on SLM best practices, and recommended that for the other topics of best practices, partnerships with relevant institutions will be established in a more efficient way.

The Bureau also agreed on the programme of work and the items on its agenda for its thirteenth session, with the view of focusing on the review of implementation while allowing discussion on other matters as requested by the COP.

The Bureau recognized the need to continue the coordinated efforts with the CST, and decided to hold its next meeting in June, which will also offer another opportunity for joint discussions with their colleagues on the most urgent matters including the approach to best practices, and how better to integrate science outcomes in the policy dialogue at CRIC level.

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