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Nathalie Van Haren new CSO representative to SPI

​Following decision 23/COP11, the UNCCD secretariat in collaboration with the CSO panel, opened the process for the elections of the CSO representative to the SPI. Accredited CSOs had selected among the 6 candidates which were reviewed with the support of the CSO Panel. After the election process the civil society organizations accredited to the UNCCD decided the following:

Ms. Nathalie van Haren, from Both ENDS was elected as the CSO observer to the SPI. She graduated from Wageningen Agricultural University with a diploma onTropical Land Use Specialization Irrigation and Water Management and got a certificate of Advanced Studies on Environmental Diplomacy from the University of Geneva. Ms. Van Haren has managed various projects with civil society organizations in terms of sustainable land use for many years as well as cooperated with the civil society organization networks .

Ms. Marioldy Sánchez Santivañez from Asociación para la Investigación y Desarrollo Integral (AIDER) was appointed alternate to the position. Ms. Sanchez studied Forestry Engineer from the Agraria La Molina National University and graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru with a diploma in the Master of Social Management. She has been working with the civil society sector committing in combating land degradation and desertification for many years.


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