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Welcome to the UNCCD Photo Gallery

  2. Conservation of rain water is very important in Surendranagar District of Gujarat, which is located next to the Desert of Kutch. This area is highly drought prone, Government often have to support people with relief works that generate employment when the

  3. Salt workers Children walk in Queue towards Their school at naranpura village in little mud desert of kutch 155k.m. west of western Indian city of ahmedabad on 8 December 2005,children walk 11k.m. every day for get primary education, aria of 5,000sq K.M

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  5. Dead European Carp on the dry bed of The Hume Weir near Bethanga, Vic

  6. Michael Spinks Under the root system of a huge redgum on Lake Tala

  7. Waiting for Rain

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