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Central Asian Dare to Share Forum on Sustainable Natural Resource Management

Regional Dare to Share Forum on Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Central Asia took place on 1-2 November 2012 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The forum gathered representatives from the national governments, ministries and research institutes of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, as well as the representatives of international agencies such as UNDP, UNCCD Secretariat, the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD,  FAOSEC, GIZ, World Bank and others, to examine the challenges associated with donor activities on natural resource management and to showcase best practices and lessons learned from the projects implemented in Central Asia.

The Dare to Share Forum summarized the experience and assets of the first phase of Central Asian Countries Initiative on Sustainable Land Management (CACILM) and discussed new opportunities for regional cooperation on sustainable natural resources management in Central Asia. Two-day forum included discussions with the national and international experts on different aspects of water resource management, climate change and forest and pasture management in the region and showcasing both the challenges of the problem and the best practices of combating it.

During the period of 2007-2012 the CACILM multi country programme has been joining under its umbrella the number of national and multicountry projects in Central Asia which accumulated wealth of institutional and practical knowledge. Twenty four CACILM SLM  practices were selected, documented in and put into the WOCAT database.

The Forum was organized in the framework of CACILM Multi-Country Capacity Building Project administrated by UNDP with the support of GIZ and the government of Republic of Kazakhstan.  The Multi Country Capacity Building project is one of four related multi-country support projects under the regional umbrella of CACILM by contributing the system, institutional, and individual capacities needed to respond to country barriers in terms of an inconsistent and divergent policy environment, inadequate and inefficient resources to combat SLM, gaps in human capital to develop SLM programs, and a disconnect between project level successes and policy making.

The project provided support to the Central Asian countries in alignment of the National Action Programme to Combat Desertification and development of the national Integrated Financial Strategy with consultation of the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD.


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