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Bosnia and Herzegovina holds the initial meeting to align the NAP

Initial meeting of the project funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), "Support to Bosnia and Herzegovina for Development of National Action Programs Aligned to the UNCCD 10 Year Strategy and Reporting Process under UNCCD" was held in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 29th November 2012. This is the first project of this kind that deals with the international obligations of the country in terms of land degradation (DLDD).


The aim of the project is to create the National Action Program to combat land degradation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NAP BiH), Aligned to the UNCCD 10 Year Strategy as a key instrument for the implementation of the Convention, which sets out the practical steps and measures to combat desertification in specific ecosystems, and to support the process of reporting to the authorities of the Convention. 

The meeting was attended by the experts responsible for the implementation of the UNCCD in BiH, representatives of UNEP as the GEF implementing agency (Mr. Pier Carlo Sandei and Ms. Amina Omicevic), representatives of relevant ministries from State and entities levels, as well as other stakeholders from other BIH institutions, relevant for the successful implementation of this project.

The purpose of the initial meeting was the presentation of the Convention (by UNCCD NFP Prof. Dr. Mihajlo Markovic), the work plan of this project (by UNEP) and the proposals for the appointment of members of the National Coordination Body and the Supervisory Body of the project (Steering Committee), as well as the adoption of methodology for NAP preparation and the adjustment of future steps/measures (by UNCCD NFP Prof. Dr. Mihajlo Markovic and STC Prof. Dr. Hamid Custovic).

Implementation of the project officially starts in January 2013, and it is scheduled to last for 12 months.

Please, click here for the minutes of the meeting.





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