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Kubuqi International Desert Forum


Kubuqi International Desert Forum


The Elion Resources Group, China will organize the Kubuqi International Desert Forum, in collaboration with UNEP and UNCCD Secretariat, tentatively on Aug. 9-10, 2013, in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. The Elion Resources Group is one of the advanced CSOs in China dealing with mitigation of DLDD and tree-plantation campaign for preventing and controlling dust and sandstorm in the affected regions of China since early 1980s. The forum will be focused on the different approaches to combat DLDD, including policy and legislation, biological, mechanical and engineering approaches in stabilizing shifting sands and mobile dunes in desertification-prone areas. High-level decision makers, planners, academicians and national experts from different continents and country parties of the UNCCD family and representatives of UN agencies and international institutions will be invited to the Forum. A post-forum desert tour will be organized by the hosting CSO to observe the achievements made by the Elion in controlling shifting sands in the Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia, China.


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