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Planned event on DLDD issues in Asia

Second International Drought Initiative (IDI) Meeting

14-16 May 2013   Tehran, Iran 

The interim Secretariat of the International Drought Initiative (IDI), the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management - RCUWM (under the auspices of UNESCO), supported by the Iranian Ministry of Energy and the Iranian IHP National Committee in collaboration with a number of UN agencies, international and regional organizations and key national agencies, are organizing the Second International Drought Initiative Meeting in Tehran, Iran. The meeting will bring together experts and highly skilled professionals to debate openly drought issues and discuss the IDI road map.
The IDI to facilitate networking among international organizations and practitioners active in the field of drought launched recently .The main purpose of this meeting would be finalizing the IDI road map and determining its future activities and action plan. The meeting aims at providing and exchanging information on lessons learnt and improving responsiveness towards droughts.



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