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Activities in Observance of the Word Day to Combat Desertification in India

 On Sunday June 16th 2013, GVS undertook an activity called “Method Demonstration of Farm Pond and Bund Formation” in observance of the WDCD, in the village of Routh Suramala in Thottembedu Mandal of the Chittoor District. The three hours long activity took place on land made up of red sand, which belonged to Ms. M. Hymavathi, a small farmer. Those who participated included twenty-three farmers, seven farm workers, one agripreneur and one CSO Representative.

Dr. K. Sankar Reddy, Agronomist and President elect of Sadbhavana Sewa Ashramam (CSO), enlightened the group about farm ponds in bio-intensive garden management and explained the importance of Bund soil conservation. Furthermore, Mr. Avula Guravaiah, a small farmer in the Sivarama Puram Village, on behalf of fellow farmers requested Grameena Vikas Samithi to form farmer SHGs for sustainable land management and improvement of livelihood.

 The key event in the method demonstration program was the sharing and distribution of Drumstick and Horseradish tree seeds, in which one variety of these seeds was given to the participant farmers. The Drumstick tree, or Moringa Oleifera of the Moringaceae family, is a tree native of India. Not only can its fruits and green leaves be consumed, and the oil from its seeds used as medicine, but also the tree is highly tolerant to drought.
<<The following points include the activities and initiatives of Grameena Vikas Samithi>>
Operational Objective – 1 (OO1):
In order to achieve the goals of Operational Objective – 1, we are initiating steps for the formation of Network of Journalists with representation from the major media, with Mr. A.D. Rangarajan, Principal Correspondent, The Hindu English daily newspaper (India’s largest circulated national newspaper since 1878), as the lead person. The network paves way to understanding the concepts of DLDD, and the forum shall play as an advocacy & extension education worker role as well. Inception with Rayalaseema perennially drought prone region of Andhra Pradesh State, India.
Initiation of Programmes on CBMP:

 Capacity Building Market Place at S.V. Agricultural College, College of Veterinary Science, Department of Management Studies, S.V. University & Sri. Padmavathi Women’s University in Tirupati. As April/May months are occupied with academic year final examinations, we would like to organize activities on CBMP in the month of November/December 2013.

Note: This article was written based on information from the document titled “World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD) 17-6-2013”, prepared by Mr. L. Surya Narayana Reddy, President of Grameena Vikas Samithi.



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