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"UN Decade for Deserts and Fight against Desertification" Art Exhibition Opens

An art exhibition, which celebrates the UN Decade for Deserts and Fight against Desertification, was inaugurated on 10 July at the UN House. The exhibition was called “City Variety” as it featured watercolor paintings of Yerevan, Gyumri and Paris. Armenian artist Peto Poghosyan presented more than 25 of his artworks to the UN staff and art community.

Armineh Haladjian, the Information Officer of the UN Department of Public Information in Armenia said: “Through Armenian art and its rich traditions we wish to attract public attraction to the issues in the UN global agenda. With this exhibition dedicated to the UN Decade for Deserts and Fight against Desertification, we are complementing the country’s efforts and the society’s demands to build and maintain environmentally sustainable cities in Armenia both as an urban setting and as a healthy habitat for generations to live in.”

Peto Poghosyan, the artist, stated: “I appreciate this opportunity to share my art with the public and to emphasize the crucial role which we, artists, play in the development of our society.”

The UN House doors are open to Armenian artists to use their creativity and talent to promote UN values, which are peace, sustainable development, healthy life style and protection of environment, respect to human rights and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

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