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National Drought Management Policy Initiative gains momentum in Central and Eastern Europe

The workshop in Romania was a first regional event in the series of the capacity building workshops. It was organized in the framework of the National Drought Management Policies Initiative (NDMP) and gathered the representatives of ten countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

IMG_2988.JPGThe workshop has been organized by the WMO, the UNCCD Secretariat and FAO with the coordination of UN- Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development (UNW-DPC). Its main objective was to provide the participants with the concept of the proactive drought management versus reactive drought management. The workshop provided an opportunity for a timely discussion as the awareness of drought impacts is increasing in the European countries.

As a multi-disciplinary group of specialist, the representatives of ministries of environmental protection, ministries of agriculture and hydrometeorological services were invited to the regional workshop. During the 3 days the participants had a chance to discuss the main elements of the Drought Management Policy such as drought monitoring and early warning systems, vulnerability and risk assessment, drought preparedness, mitigation and responses.

IMG_3275.JPGThe workshop provided opportunity for participants to analyze how vulnerable Central and Eastern Europe is to drought. According to the conclusion made by the participants, the most vulnerable sector in CEE is agriculture which has been severely affected by frequent events of drought within last decade.  The existing and on-going initiatives of drought preparedness plans in Europe provide good examples of how to plan the measures in short-, mid- and long-terms.

In 2007, the European Commission in its Communication to the European Parliament and the Council addressed the challenge of water scarcity and drought in the European Union. It concluded that drought cost amount to 100 billion Euros over past thirty years.

The National Drought Management Policy Initiative has been launched during the High-Level Meeting on National Drought Policy which was held in Geneva, Switzerland from 11 to 15 March 2013. The initiative represents a partnership of the UNCCD, WMO, FAO and UN-DPC. 

All materials and publications on the initiative and the workshop materials could be found here


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