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Fea becomes one of the accredited NGOs of UNCCD

​​Fea, a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded and registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2007 has become an accredited NGO of UNCCD. 

Since inception, fea’s guiding principle of organization’s work has been to support authorities and communities, as well as the private sector, in the responsible use for natural resources. Its ultimate goal is to help build societies that responsibly manage their natural resources.

In accordance with the Statue of the organization, the goals and work of fea is in line with:

1. Connecting members with the aim to advance forestry sector, in accordance to the principles of sustainability. 

2. Participating in development and implementation of projects focused on forestry, environmental protection, assessments of impacts on society and communities

3. Advancement and advocacy for protection of environment and forest eco-systems,

4. Implementing and supporting research aimed at sustainable use of natural resources,

5. Promoting participatory approach in planning and management of natural resources,

6. Support to rural development and local communities,

7. organizing and hosting professional meetings, seminars, workshops, round tables and other educational activities, with the aim to develop professional capabilities of its members

8. sharing of information and knowledge, and raising awareness,

9. publishing brochures, fliers, bulletins, books and other publications aimed to promote activities of the organization,

10. Sharing knowledge and information with similar organizations with similar organizations and other non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad. 

11. Launching the initiative with responsible authorities to establish optimal conditions for forestry and environment issues, through legislation and other legal means.

Fea achieves its goals by contributing technical expertise, disseminating results of applied research, supporting local capacities improvement and expanding their network of partners.

At the same time, fea designs, implements and supports programs, projects and activities meant to advance the status of forests as well as environment and enhance sustainable development efforts and decrease land degradation. It also provides technical support for implementing provisions of international environmental agreements and supports to participatory planning and decision making in natural resource management. Meanwhile, Education, capacity building and networking are always emphasized in its scope of activities.

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