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The World Day to Combat Desertification, 17 June in Central and Eastern Europe



A national information agency has organized a press conference with representatives of SCOs and scientists working in the field of DLDD as well as the UNCCD National Focal Point of Armenia. The interview with the National Focal Point was broadcasted in the Armenian Channel “A1+”. An article about the World Day to Combat Desertification was published on the website of the Ministry of Nature Protection of the republic of Armenia. 



A 2-day seminar “Improving Legal Regulation to Combat Land Degradation and Desertification” took place in the Biaroza District, Brest region of Belarus. Governmental and local authorities, parliamentarians, representatives of local communities and NGOs, scientist and mass media exposed current challenges and risks Belarus is facing with respect to desertification and stressed the necessity to develop and test sustainable approaches and innovative mechanisms to address land degradation and combat desertification. Apart from the plenary presentations and discussions the participants, together with local schoolchildren, took part in an action dedicated to the WDCD where they sowed grass seeds on around 1.5 ha of degraded peatlands, formerly managed for intensive agriculture.




In Tbilisi the workshop under the project “Alignment of National Action Programme and Reporting Process under UNCCD Process” was organized. About 40 stakeholders came together to discuss an importance of a national strategy to combat desertification and soil degradation. Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Ms Khatuna Gogaladze in her speech emphasized the importance of development of such strategy to combat desertification in Georgia. The photo exhibition was organized to show the land degradation and desertification particularly in East Georgia.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Environment published an article informing about the WDCD on its website. Lithuania acknowledges that land degradations and desertification are major threats for the world’s population. 

The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova has organized the Conference dedicated to the WDCD in the capital city of Chisinau. The Conference was attended by the land degradation experts to address the issues of land degradation monitoring in Moldova. The national report of Moldova was presented and discussed among the participants of the Conference. 


Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Science has organized a seminar devoted to the World Day to Combat Desertification. During the seminar attendees discussed the UNCCD national report of the Russian Federation.

National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (NAASU) has organized the following events of 17 June: 5-th International Conference “Combination of Research, Education, and Practice Production and Fair Selling High-quality Organic Products”, workshop “Combating DLDD in the context of climate change”, round Table “Combating DLDD for Sustainable Development of Agriculture of the Region”.


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