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Solar-Powered Electric Car Charger in Sofia, Bulgaria Sets Example for EU

​The solar car charger is free for citizens to use as it generates its own energy. "The photovoltaic equipment feeds from the light and not the heat and is even more efficient in winter time, when there is no need for cooling down," engineer Rosen Malchev said.

The new solar-powered electric car charger in Sofia, Bulgaria was cited by the European Commission as a success story.

Bulgaria's car-packed capital Sofia has set an EU example in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions by installing its first state-of-the-art solar-powered charger for electric cars, the project's managers said Wednesday.

"Electricity production can be polluting so we thought we would build this photovoltaic station and charge electric cars with green energy from the sun," engineer Rosen Malchev told AFP.

Sofia's solar station was cited by the European Commission earlier this month as one of a handful of success stories in Europe's fight against climate change.

The small installation on a bustling Sofia boulevard cost 25,600 euros to build, with half of it funded by the United Nations Development Programme.

On Wednesday, the government vowed to promote environmentally-friendly means of transportation, including the production and use of electric cars as well as a network of charging stations across the country.

For more information, please, visit the website of Sofia News Agency.


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