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Opportunities at The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is at the forefront of environmental studies and research in the Middle East. It offers students an exceptional opportunity to learn from leading professionals while developing skills that enable them to lead the region and the world in solving today’s most pressing environmental challenges.

The Arava Institute offers a life-changing academic program that brings students together using environmental studies as a shared goal. For instance, it offers full scholarships for students from Arab countries, as well as diverse funding opportunities for international students. Additionally, each year, the Arava Institute has internship opportunities available for those who want to focus their research in a particular environment related topic. With an internship at the Arava Institute, interns contribute to transboundary research and gain valuable experience in the academic/professional field of their choice, including conservation agriculture, water management, renewable energy or socio-ecological ecosystems, among others.

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