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New ideas for Capacity Building Marketplace at COP11

At the exhibition space for COP11 in Windhoek Namibia various country Parties and a variety of CSOs working in fields related to Sustainable Land Management had a stand and organized events. At the stand of the UNCCD Capacity Building Marketplace, participants can check out the Marketplace were invited to share their ideas. The best ideas could win an exclusive Marketplace umbrella.

The umbrella's were won by:

Prof. Ben Boer, from IUCN, Australia, who suggested: "Adding more information regarding internships, in particular for young lawyers to do internships at IUCN Environmental law center in Bonn, Germany or at UNEP in the legal section in Nairobi."

His umbrella was collected by Dr Jonathan Davies, head of the IUCN Delegation, you can watch the video​ here.

Inganga Francis, from Nema Kenya, who suggested: "Sharing stories on those who have benefitted from the study and research grants"

You can watch his suggestion​ here. 

Johanne Feterina Nuunyang, from Leader Farmers Namibia, who suggested:"To improve the marketplace we should use media as a source of information so that people can get information from around the world who share your organizations’ passion and interests, and together you can build capacity."

You can watch the video where she explains her suggestions.

Beatriz Araujo, from the Universidade Federal de Ceará, Brazil, whose suggestion was: "Connect capacity builders and create networks between the communities achieved, so they can exchange best practice contributions, from community people to community people."

She explains her suggestions in this video.

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